30 Years Young: A Journey Through Life’s Adventures and Lessons

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I have posted on my blog. Well, life has been very busy lately with many amazing things that have happened in all this while. Let me give you a sneak peek and guess what, I am on the verge of turning 30 this year on 30th March 2024. What a coincidence! Yes, the big three-zero. But before you start picturing me drowning in a sea of cakes and candles, let me assure you, it’s just another milestone, this will be just another trip around the sun. If you’re a 90s kid we are all in this together inching closer to this milestone!

Now, let me share some interesting milestones from my 20s. There have been a lot of twists and turns and many things have changed. Once you look back, you will see how crazy life can be. Trust me, I don’t want to flaunt all the good stuff, but I promise to share the learnings I gained during this exciting journey of my life. So buckle up; it’s going to be a wild ride!

Achieving Milestones: Graduation at 22 – 2016

In my early 20s, I was in my graduation college completing my Bachelor in Engineering from Pune. I had the privilege to complete my Engineering from a decent college in Pune. Computer Engineering has been my passion and techy stuff used to be what I used to love and I still do.

It is to be understood that it is not all easy peasy as it sounds from the outside. Those 4 years of an Engineering degree seem like a lifetime and can truly transform you. From living away from family, managing your daily chores, food, studies and life takes a complete turn. You truly graduate in your life and studies after completing your engineering. 

Each year truly tests your courage and patience at different levels; it asks for more even if we were never ready for it. Once you start giving it your all and are prepared for the challenge, you will emerge as a completely different person on the other end.

College life is different; you experience various emotions daily. You have to make time for different subjects, laboratories, assignments, etc. These challenges keep escalating with each passing year. Whether it’s a new pattern of examinations or different subjects, it ensures that you stay on your toes.

In the end, if you dare to withstand all of this. You come out at the other end – Shining bright like a diamond as Rihana says.

Here’s a picture of me graduating with my friends back in 2016! 

Career Milestone: Landing First Paycheck at Amazon – January 2017

Life wasn’t easy as you completed your graduation. Unfortunately, there were not many good companies that visited during our placements. I was truly on my luck and wanted to learn another programming language which wasn’t even in our syllabus. Well, it wasn’t something very new, it has been present for a very long time called PHP. 

I managed to complete my course in PHP, with some basics of programming still you were taught in Engineering. I couldn’t find a well-paying job still and did a lot of job hunt around Pune, where firms were paying a mere 5k for an intern. I wasn’t impressed and looked for an alternative job in the meantime.

The PHP course took 3 months and after a lot of struggle, I took up an alternative job to start from earning stream at Amazon. I worked for close to 6 months as a Customer Service Associate. It did seem an easy job from the outside, but the hiring process is very strict and tests you. 

I was very happy to have made it and started my journey on 29th January 2017. I received my first paycheck in February and I was very happy on the Salary day. You had your Salary account and the notification of salary being credited.

The job search didn’t end there, I wanted to ensure I wanted to work in my field of expertise. I kept my job search on with my current job here. As my luck would have it, I was getting frustrated, I tried all my luck and kept updating my Naukri profile. One fine day, I got a call from an HR from Brainstorm Force, I was very happy. The location was far away from my current location in Pune. But I ensured I took a leave and went for the interview. And I cracked it.

Professional Transition: Switching to Tech Job at BSF – July 2017

I started as an intern with a basic salary of 10k. I was okay with earning less here, as I wanted to learn more. This truly has been an exciting journey since then here at Brainstorm Force.

It has not been all easy peasy, the journey had tons of ups and downs. But with the assistance from my Manager and colleagues, I managed to stay and have done a decent job.

With all my passion for working at a tech firm, I ensured I was always learning. And this happened to be one of the core values of this firm as well. Being able to spread your wings, ensuring you can contribute and make an impact in thousands of lives of our customers, fills up with pride.

If you or your friends are looking for a WordPress specialist role, feel free to check our Careers page to join our exciting team of tech professionals – https://brainstormforce.com/join

It has been almost 7 years at Brainstorm Force and it very feels like you have just started a few years back. 

While working at this tech job, I learned many things with the guidance of my mentor, leads, and managers. To put these things into perspective, I began working on my blog to showcase and share my journey with the world.

If you have any questions or need help with your website, I am happy to guide and assist you. Feel free to drop me a message from my Contact Us page.

Passion Pursuit: Exploring Love with Two Wheels

Thriving in a city where getting around is a struggle. I planned to get a two-wheeler after a lot of back and forth. My eyes were set on the Hornet 160-R.

This was the first bike that I purchased, with some assistance and guidance from my Dad.

Nuptial Journey: Getting Married – July 2021

The next chapter of my life began during the lockdown. As the lockdown had partially been lifted, and even during the lockdown, people were getting married left right, and center.

I was still a bit late to the party, reaching an age where getting married was suitable for me. And I was ready as well. Yes, I went for an arranged marriage.

Do note, your life changes to another level once you are married. You are a free bird, living life on your terms, and having a different lifestyle. These things get affected to a certain extent. 

My partner has been amazing, she’s working as well at a big tech firm. We had the privilege of having our partners working in the same field which is a necessity in these times. You have a lot of understanding and do not have to move places a lot for the job.

With god’s grace, life has been good until now. It has been over 2.5 years, and you have made a lot of memories together. Traveled to some amazing places and worked together as well.

Wanderlust Escapades: Traveling to Amazing Places

Life is a journey, and we are passengers. While we took it seriously and planned a few amazing trips.

Every good trip requires two things, a good plan and execution. Well, my wife does an amazing job and almost virtually visits the places and I ensure how it gets executed on the ground. She takes care of the accommodations and places to visit, and I ensure to find a suitable time and when he can get from one place to another.

This is how we ensure our trips are a success! Here’s a glimpse of one of our first international trip to Bali – https://sumancasm.com/unexplored-bali/

Following are some of the amazing places we have visited in the last 2.5 years:

  1. Manali – Honeymoon
  2. Mumbai 
  3. Mahabaleshwar
  4. Lonawala
  5. North Goa
  6. Bali
  7. Udaipur
  8. Ooty
  9. What should be our next destination? Tell me in the comments.

Feel free to follow and say a quick hi as we continue sharing amazing glimpses of the trip on my Instagram handle – @wander_with_suman.

Fitness Transformation: Embarking on an Incredible Journey

All this while, when I was traveling and working I made sure to be active physically, eat clean, and manage work and stress efficiently. But life happens and you are not sure how sometimes you get out of shape to a certain extent.

Not that I was not a bit on the healthy side. I have been active since my childhood, I am not someone who can sit in a place for a long time, but I still managed to be not in good shape. This does affect your confidence and has other health benefits.

I always used to find time for gym even during my college days, while I was working in the initial days as well. But I was never consistent for a long time and didn’t show the results I wanted. Or from what I could improve my overall lifestyle.

I was returning from my Bali trip which was my trigger point, where I was constantly alert if I had to pull my stomach in for a picture. It was not like I was not working out before the Bali trip, but it didn’t show the results. 

This time I planned to do things a bit differently. I have been following a fitness page on Instagram for a very long time. I decided to hire a fitness coach who would work with me for an extended period like 6 months, and not just help me with the food plan but also with my workout schedule.

I took the plunge by believing in my decision and my coach. This has been the best decision of my life. I had a lot of beliefs about food change during those months. And I truly changed my lifestyle and not just focusing on working out and dieting and all.

I ate all the usual stuff and worked out with patience and dedication, and that simply did the magic!

You can simply see the magic below:

Body Transformation Sumancasm - Turning 30

If you ever need any kind of help or assistance, feel free to write to me. I am happy to clear your doubts. Feel free to hire a fitness coach who will truly help transform your life and guide you. 

Anticipating the Future: Looking Forward to the 30s – What’s Next [Turning 30]

I am not sure what’s in store, but I am looking forward to it.

I hope to meet my goals and ambitions, help people, and be a good human. Keep my friends and family close, and form a much stronger bond with my second family at work. 

I would love to save more and travel more for experiences and more stories to tell by readers and everyone else.

The biggest coincidence is that I am turning 30 on the 30th of this month. 30th March 2024. 🎂

Goodbye, until next time. This is Suman signing off guys! Would you like to read more from me? Visit my Blog for Lifestyle Tips and also Blogging Tips.

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Suman Dhar

Suman Dhar

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