Why Elementor with WordPress?

Elementor – page builder joined the WordPress scene in the latter part of the Decade. And has only moved forward with over 3+ million active installs on WordPress.org and challenged the Heavyweight – Beaver Builder which has over 4 lakh installs.

Let’s not jump the gun! Yes, Elementor has captured a lot of market in these years. But, still, Beaver Builder and I rightfully call it as the Heavyweight has only kept its userbase intact to some extent.

It’s not only about the loyal userbase Beaver Builder has. Do read all about it in the Beaver Builder review.

We will find answers to – WHY Elementor with WordPress in 2021? How?

Benefits of Elementor

There have to be many benefits if Elementor has to survive the next decade and beyond and keep its position intact at the top.

Here are a few which I think keeps it thriving at the top currently –

Fastest Interface among Page Builders

With instant reaction to the changes you make, no one would call it lagging. Instant change is a key feature of Elementor, and WordPress users always wanted to see.

You do not have to wait for the modules or widgets to load, just edit the page or post with Elementor, drag and drop the widget you require. It will instantly load and let you live edit each section of the page and you will be done in minutes.

Elementor’s page speed currently is not matched by other page builders, let it be Free or Paid. That’s how FAST it is!

Live Designing

Elementor ensured no more publishing the data on the backend and preview it to see the changes.

With Fastest loading, you could live design every section of the page by designing pixel-perfect pages, landing pages, and posts as you want it.

Elementor brings to you live inline editing and designing, you can simultaneously see how exactly your page will look like.

It means while you are making or editing the changes you can right away see without going to preview how the page will look like. Isn’t that time-saving. Wonder how many more websites you could build.

Next-Level Features

Having so much already does not stop Elementor. You are backed by 30 Free widgets and more, even there you receive a lot. Like?

These are the Elementor’s next level or unique features. What are they- Box shadows, Background Overlays, Hover Effects, Headline Effects, Animations, Shape Dividers, Gradient Backgrounds and so much more.

Certainly, your website will get the Designers’ touch with all these next-level features.

Accurate Mobile Editing

We are in 2021, and still wondering if the page builder is mobile responsive. Of course, it is! I would assume, every theme or page builder as responsive. If not, they do not belong to be discussed.

Coming back to Elementor it brings exclusive tools, that lets you create a responsive website visually. How? From font-size, padding, and margin you can visually create perfect responsive websites without a shred of doubt.

More features of Elementor?

Yes, of course. We are human and we make mistakes. So instead of an eraser to erase our mistakes Elementor provides, Undo/Redo feature and also has a Revisions section.

Let’s take a quick overview of all the features –

  • Undo/Redo
  • Blank Page / Canvas Template
  • Built-in Maintenance Mode & Under Construction
  • Font Awesome Library
  • Templates

Elementor Pro

It’s time for the Elephant in the room! ELEMENTOR PRO.

Elementor Pro not only improves your website development speed it will let you design your website faster than ever you have imagined.

How? With Elementor Pro, everything you need from text to inserting Popups, you are covered.

There’s one more thing. Making changes from our theme files could be a bit tedious and time-consuming.

Elementor Pro’s Theme Builder makes the entire process using a snap of fingers. It helps create visually header, footer, single post, archive page design.

You will be able to design every corner and section of the page you want once you have the Elementor Pro in our arsenal. That’s how powerful this tool gets with the Pro version.

There’s just a simple catch with the Elementor Pro one needs to understand, we will cover that at the end.

Elementor Alternative?

Many of the websites like Personal Blog, Portfolio or Landing Page might not require Elementor Pro.

So, what can be done in this case? There are lots of addons in WordPress.org that provide free and paid addons which could be enough for your simple website.


Elementor Page Builder has risen to the top at a very fast pace. Yes, certainly in 2021 it is the Best WordPress Page Builder and is worth all the hype!

There’s just one who can challenge its position. It’s the Gutenberg Editor – default WordPress editor and the army of Free Gutenberg Blocks addons which are bursting to the scene, with each passing day.

And it’s just not that! Gutenberg editor as rightly few people said will threaten the Page Builders, not in 2021 but let’s see how it stands at the end of the next decade. See you until next time. Let me know, what you think?

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9 thoughts on “Why Elementor with WordPress?”

  1. I just started my blog in February and I have Elementor. I don’t know what anything else is like since it’s the first thing I have tried. I have unsure about if I should upgrade to Pro or not. I am having a hard time deciding because I’m new so I don’t know if it is worth it? Thanks for the insight!

  2. Before I got to this post, I was reading your Beaver Builder post. I’ve been using Elementor as a newbie and I find it easy to used except when one time that I had to go back to the Classic Editor because an update did not allow me to edit in Elementor. I’ve seen this Beaver Builder few days ago and was so curious if it was better than the Elementor. I love both of your article. I will try the Beaver Builder if I will have another issue with Elementor again.

    1. Hello Katrina,

      That’s very strange. I have personally faced no issues. You can reach out to me if you have any concerns. Or even the Elementor community is always ready to help.

      Even Beaver Builder is a great page builder you can give it a try too.

  3. Elementor has changed the game for me, I am having less bounce-rate and I can feel my blog looks better. Before I discovered Elementor, I paid a website designer and what I got was an old school looking website so I started to look for new ways then I stumbled on Elementor and I can’t stop raving about it so thanks.

    1. So glad to hear your story to switch to Elementor! Well, even I use the Elementor page builder and the website building process has been seamless. Recommended!

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