How’s Life at an Engineering College?

It was a dream to get into an Engineering College with all the hype and hysteria after the results were out. I am sure everyone must have gone through this. First, it is all about clearing your school’s exams and next it comes to the board, it doesn’t end there.

Struggle to Reach an Engineering College

You face the entrance examinations and even that is not all. And comes the last hurdle are the entrance results which turn your life in a casino gamble and you drop at a college or place which was most likely you didn’t want.

That’s how some average students get into the most not so reputed colleges in India. You like it or not you end up there and here begins another chapter in your life.

Engineering College Life

I got admission to ISB&M SOT in August of 2012, it was unlike other Mid Year crisis of joining the next class of school or college. This time it was all about venturing into a new phase of life. It was my dream once to study away from home and choose Computers as my Branch in engineering.

Let’s fast forward a bit, the excitement was at an all-time high. And kept going up to its topmost level before the colleges started.

I traveled all alone to the Pune from my hometown with a couple of Luggage bags and a backpack. I was so hooked to the rainy atmosphere as I was reaching and being in Pune is unlike any other city in India. You can hear me definitely in other blogs.

And finally, the day came when and I was all flushed with the overwhelming welcome at a completely new place and college by the Faculty and senior students.

I add this after so many years and still stands true that it was the best faculty our college ever had. It had a great mixture of experience and knowledge which really helped us in our initial years.

My college was located between a set of hills and it was the best part of where you could have eyes on the second-best IT hub of India which is Hinjewadi InfoTech Park from my college. It used to glimmer in all its glory during the evening.

It was all about new subjects, faculty, friends, hostel mates which were the best part and those are etched forever in my memory.

I will definitely add some pics of this awesome place which will be my home for the coming few years here. If you can’t wait you can catch up with me on Instagram for such light-hearted and awesome content and pics of the place where it’s still my humble abode.

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Suman Dhar

Suman Dhar

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