Life an Unchartered Territory

Life. What is life? A very unanswered or less pondered upon question. While the biggest question is that are we playing with it or it is playing us. Really a tough question. Let’s try our best to answer in the easiest way possible.

Let’s start with answering a few simple questions

  • Are we happy with the current course of the days you are spending?  
  • Do you always complain about everything? 
  • Do you need someone to show you the path?

Well, the answer to most might be a Yes/No/Maybe

Understand Life

No one is born perfect or with a silver spoon. Everyone in this world has their own share of problems which he wouldn’t want to share with others. Let’s just say That’s the basic mindset every individual has, of “The other person is so lucky than I am…”.

Why not we work for the betterment of ourselves rather than cursing our luck. Let’s stand for ourselves and your loved ones and try to make a difference in your life. It will surely be a tough task to go ahead and think in that manner I reckon. But it’s your life you should have the courage to make it big. Rather than someone asking you how to live your life.

Take up whatever you like, and make a living out of it. May it be a hobby, interests or any other thing. Some people just tend to work it out later than never what they tend to do or achieve in the latter part of their lives.

So, it’s not that you are not doing well and you should get motivated always keep working for the betterment of yourself and the people around you. This is what will keep you interested and motivated.  

Life is not always meant to go through the desired route. It does not always go according to the whims and fancies of anybody but will follow the route which you try to tread and make a Life worth living for. Because it always is a great teacher and will teach the best lessons in life as nobody else will teach you.


Be thankful for the struggles you have gone through without it you wouldn’t have stumbled across your strengths. Keep that smile up and make that happen.

This is Suman signing off, guys!

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Suman Dhar

Suman Dhar

Suman is the founder of Sumancasm. Bringing technical knowledge, daily motivation and other awesome stuff for you. Get in touch with me on Instagram and Twitter @sumancasm

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