All in Unison “High Sir”! Let’s Beat the Heat with Sumancasm, Are you with me?

Summer has arrived and during childhood, it seemed much more fun then. Mostly because of school holidays and all the summer drinks which you could relish day in and day out. In this slithering hot Indian weather, the only respite is the famous Mangoes and Sugar Cane Juice.

Back in our days, there used to be a craze for various Rasna ( which is a DIY Drink ) and so many flavors of it. They used to be must-have in every household, filled in every water bottle stacked up in the deep freezers of the refrigerator.

Another MVP ( Most Valuable Person ) any my personal favorite during my childhood of this season is the King of Fruits, MANGO.

We know him by many names like Hapus(Alphonso), Langda, Badami, Chaunsa, Dasheri, etc. They are like long lost friends who return every year and stay for the summer.

Well, they go with every dish, but it is mandatory to have the Aam Ras as a dessert. Our Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner used to be incomplete with this season’s delicacy.

Like every other season, this one too has a God.

After proper cleaning and dusting and maintenance. Lord Cooler is throned. These days, the cooler has been replaced with Air Conditioners. But they were the real things back in our days. Do you still use Cooler at your homes?

Also, being in India. Summer actually used to arrive only when you see the famous Dermi Cool Advertisement. Isn’t it? Singing the Dermi Cool jingle in mind.

While the temperatures already soaring high every place in the country. And each friend of yours is turning into weather update guy from our News TV commercials. Aren’t you seeing a spike in High Temperatures Posts and Stories update on every Social Media network? It really has been less of a trend and more of a reality.

So how to beat the heat and what should we do in such high temperatures? Let me help you beat the heat, with the easiest tips and tricks!

Gone are the days, when the only thing we cared about was playing outdoor games early in the morning and indoor games throughout the day until Sunset. And again venture out for evening fun and frolic with your school and classes buddies.

While in the midst of all these, your mother used to make sure that you stay fine in this weather. By taking proper care of what you wear, eat and drink. And have all the energy to weather such hot temperatures outside and inside.

Here are a few things which you should take care of as you have grown up and your mom is not behind you with a stick. ?

Hydrate Yourself Regularly

You must be thinking why is everyone so fixated over drinking lots of water during summers. You see, our bodies are up to 60% water by weight, and for our overall health proper hydration is absolutely essential. After all, the water we consume optimizes bodies’ blood pressure, regulates body temperature, and aids in digestion.

In fact, people who work outdoors or travel to work should definitely keep yourself hydrated with water or at least with summer drinks. Researchers say that with even a minor reduction in body water weight can lead to problems with short-term memory, attention, and visual-motor tracking.

Have Summer Fruits to Beat the Heat Naturally

Another popular thing which you might have missed from your parents is that they keep insisting you having summer fruits. Why is it so? Well, the answer to the same is that they provide a good amount of water to keep you hydrated. With our body quenching its thirst from food, which should account for about 20-30% of the water we consume!

Which are the foods you should consume or have in your diet? They are Cucumbers, Celery, Tomatoes, Watermelon, Grapefruit. They contain about 90 – 98% water in these fruits and vegetables. Make sure you include them in your diet without fail in summers.

They are various summer fruits available during this season, depending on each region. Do make sure to relish the benefits of them and keep yourself fine.

Consume Lots of Spicy Food

You must be thinking, has Suman gone mad, so early? Not actually, There’s a science of cooling down because of Spice. I know, how tempting it is to go for a cup of Ice Cream or Ice chilled glass of Nimbu Paani or some good old aerated drink, but all they do is provide instant gratification. In fact, a cold food item would actually leave you feeling hotter.

When you consume something chilled, the internal body temperature drops quickly. Usually when you consume foods that are at a much lower temperature than our body’s temperature, initially there is a cooling effect, but after 15-20 minutes the opposite happens as your body responds in the opposite manner.

I personally consume normal water instead of chilled water, and it actually helps in maintaining normal body temperatures. And I always keep my most loved possession with me, whenever I venture outside that is Water Bottle just like when I was a kid. Do carry your recyclable Water Bottles and save the environment.

Also, make an important note before ending this article: Venture outdoors only when necessary or when mom asks to bring Dhaniya ( also known as coriander ) or else temperatures in Home would raise, which could be harmful in many ways. ?

Even make sure that you plant trees or at least water them, I know it is old school, but the reason behind such soaring temperatures at the turn of this decade is this concrete jungle which we have been building. I make sure, I water trees around my home and water a plant around where I live currently with the leftover water from my bottle so that they do not wither away in such weather conditions.

This is Suman signing out, guys! Do let me know your tricks to keep the summer at bay. And other pleasant tricks to enjoy the father of all seasons. And do not forget to comment, share and follow the blog. Make sure you receive updates every time I post my new blog.

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What about you do you have any tips to beat the heat? Share them in the comments below. Why not? Because Sharing is Caring!

Suman Dhar

Suman Dhar

Suman is the founder of Sumancasm. Bringing technical knowledge, daily motivation and other awesome stuff for you. Get in touch with me on Instagram and Twitter @sumancasm

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  1. Absolutely accurate points! well made!
    Working out somehow works really well for me to keep me cool in summers!
    Well, we are entering winters in Oz right now, so summers are a distant memory, haha…

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