What is Love – Blessing or Curse?

What is Love, can you define it better than this?

Well, in very simple terms it is –

An intense feeling of deep affection.


While I might have said it in simple terms, but it is very difficult to define.

Some people confuse it with infatuation or lust. How do you not confuse yourself between love, lust or infatuation?

People from every walk of life have a different take or has tried their best to define it or distinguish between them.

Let’s see if we can understand or answer this question in the best possible manner.

Understand Love

Firstly, it can be a risky affair, you can either fall in to or you can rise in it. Didn’t mean literally falling or rising in it.

If you find the right person you can achieve wonders, while it is not always necessary.

Let’s take an example of previous emperors like Shah Jahan you ruled India, well for the Love of his wife he made a monumental marvel like the Taj Mahal which still stands the test of time.


You should surely build an empire for the Love of your life, another Example among many is Billionaire Mukesh Ambani. He has built the most expensive Residential property, after the Buckingham Palace, which is designated as a British Crown Property.

Are you aware of the same? It’s called Antilla. Owned by India’s Business magnate, and a very successful one.

Such are the lengths people can go to show affection towards the loved ones of their life.

While some people fall hard and find no coming back from it. As some people do it with all their hearts and some break it without any qualms.


Another such real-life story is of Dashrat Manjhi, who moved mountains for his wife. He did carve a path 110 m long, 9.1 m wide and 7.6 m deep through a hillock using only a hammer and chisel.

Even when all odds were against him, he literally went ahead and build out a path for his wife as earlier they had to cross the hilly terrain to visit the other side of the town.


Such was his love for his wife, he defied all odds and build out a path.

While it did take him 22 years to build the path, even when his wife had died he made sure no other person in the village had to go through the same again.

There love for their loved one, was beyond physical intimacy and words or phrases, they transformed how love could be described in the centuries to come and they still do.

Regardless of such stories one form of true love can be found not so far. I reckon it as the purest form of love God has ever created.

You call them your parents. They shower you pure love and affection, throughout and until their last breath.

The ones who will be first to tend to you whenever you’re in any situation. There won’t be any palace to show you, love. But while tending to your little things, they never let you feel any issues or problems whatsoever.

Let it be in your childhood when you cry for silly things or when you grow up and ask for anything.

If you don’t think this as pure love then who else can shower such unconditional love.

Concluding – What is Love!

While there are people in this world who disregard their parent’s love and care towards them.

Such people should ask children, who were left without their parent’s love due to various possible reasons. Ask the kids who are in the orphanage.

Another species who can shower such unconditional love and God’s best creation is animals, especially dogs.

These humans, in fact, don’t deserve such animals. As they have only harmed them even in the shortest form.

As we humans have only brought harm to these animals.

And lastly, If you still think you aren’t being loved by anyone you can turn to your parents and there’s where you will find the whole world filled with unlimited love.

Otherwise, the one person who can love you the most is?

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Suman Dhar

Suman Dhar

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2 thoughts on “What is Love – Blessing or Curse?”

  1. Great post and topic. We all are able to experience different types of love in our lifetime. True pure love it the best of all.

  2. A very interesting post. Love is in my opinion the greatest of them all. Is it an emotion? Is it a state of mind? Who knows. But as you said, people are capable of doing wonders for love. Thanks for sharing.

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